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5 tips for arguing with love

5 Love-Saving Tips When Arguing With Your Partner

Arguing with your partner can really hurt.

Handled one way, it can cause pain and injury. But handled another, something beautiful and tender may unfold. It depends on how you go about arguing with your partner.

When an important issue raises your different views on any matter — money, parenting, sex, work, life — it is natural to feel angry, upset, maybe even chilled to the bone. Arguing with your partner may not necessarily damage your love – it depends on what you do with them.

Partners who love each other can still feel negative and critical thoughts toward each other sometimes. Those who are able to work around the negativity can find their way back to happiness together. Others get stuck in a downward spiral, where nothing gets solved and animosity grows.

Is the Problem Your Partner, Or Your Pattern?

Gridlocked couples fight differently than happier couples do. Struggling couples often misunderstand the reason for their growing (and unwanted) hostility: They think the issue is the kind of person their partner is. More likely, … Come Read the Rest

Listening is sometimes the best thing to do

My Wife Said She Wants a Divorce – How Can I Change Her Mind?

My wife wants a divorce. Help – what do I do?

One afternoon she sat down across from me, and said, “I need to tell you something. This isn’t working for me – the way things have been. I’m giving up trying to make it better, and I don’t want to be married to you anymore.”

The news that your wife wants a divorce is a terrible shock. You feel confused, helpless, taken aback; you may panic. Maybe she’s been after you for a while, but you seemed to be getting along well enough. You never imagined she really was THAT unhappy. You never heard “I can’t take it much more of this,” and now she’s ready to go.

Getting this news is a jolt that can leave you reeling and unsure how to respond. You’re shocked to learn she felt worse than you knew. With her admission or ultimatum you’re suddenly able to see how severe the problem is.

Dig Deep and Empathize

It’s important to know what your partner is feeling and thinking … Come Read the Rest