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Stepfamily working together

Tips for Stepparents: How to Avoid 2 Relationship Problems

Nobody plans on becoming a stepparent. But it happens more often than you might think. About 1300 new stepfamilies form every day, reports the Census Bureau. More children are living in stepfamilies or other partnerships than ever before. Experts estimate that by the time they finish high school, more than half of children will spend some time living outside a “traditional” nuclear family structure with married biological parents.

Building a stepfamily may seem like a wonderful chance to start over. The bliss of new love inspires hope, courage, and brings out our best. But it can also blind us to some difficult truths — mainly that your kids and new partner may not love each other the way you want them to.

Most couples underestimate the challenge of becoming a blended family. It will take much more time and patience than you likely imagine. Even if you are certain you know what you’re getting into, tranquil waters can become wild rapids in a flash.

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