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Surviving the RollerCoaster Ride of Infertility Treatments

Couples who have difficulty getting pregnant face an emotional ordeal. Many try to cope with it by keeping to themselves. But infertility impacts one in 7 million couples – about 1 in 8 couples in the US. If you feel like you’re struggling with despair in silence, you are not alone.

Emotions Swing from Hope to Heartache and Uncertainty

When you begin your relationship, you are full of joy and anticipation about building a family. But after years of trying and failing to have a baby, hope can give way to despair, doubt and heartbreak.

In addition to the personal loss, you may worry about how friends and family will react, if you tell them. You don’t want to invite probing questions, and you know you can’t deal with their upset when you’re feeling overwrought by emotion yourselves. Isolation is often the first line of defense. Couples then lose an important support system and disconnect from friends and family to protect their privacy.

The financial pressure you feel may be intense too, as fertility treatments … Come Read the Rest