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What to Do with Unresolved Issues in Your Relationship

Are you seeing signs that unresolved issues are hurting your relationship? When you don’t know how talk about relationship problems, you’re left:

  • Feeling shut down when he touches you, because you feel angry, put-off, resentful, rather than affectionate
  • Fearing a bad outcome if you bring up your trouble, such as a full-blown fight
  • Feeling unheard when you do try to discuss why you’re angry
  • Thinking you don’t have enough influence in your relationship, which can lead to frustration

Love needs rebuilding, attention and care. Here’s how to tend to anger in a love-safe way.

First, Deal With Your Fear

Why are you holding back? Maybe you’re afraid of speaking your mind and doing it wrong. You worry, “What if he thinks I’m upset over nothing? What if things blow up and we have a big fight? What if he just shuts down? What if he gets really angry and defensive?”

First, think about why you’re afraid to speak up. It takes courage to handle your own deeper feelings. You may be afraid of his reaction.… Come Read the Rest