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When the Holiday Hues Bring the Holiday Blues

Lights – Decorations – Presents! Does Holiday Hustle Give You Holiday Blues?

  • Don’t let the rush of activities starve your relationship.
  • Do make time each day for quiet check-ins with yourself and your loved ones.

Why Reaching Out to Others is Important…

Do you ever feel like ships passing in the night? Spending time around loved ones, but not feeling like you’re “with” each other? Feeling like you’re just going through the motions and feeling alone?

These are signs that what you’re longing for — and missing — is emotional connection. Sometimes the extra work at holiday time pulls people in different directions.

5 Important Ways To Connect Emotionally, Despite the Holiday Rush

1) Take time to sense and understand the longing you’re feeling. Recognize your wish for moments of connection with to your partner as a good thing — not an intrusion. It hurts to go too long just “doing” without feeling like ” being” is also part of the holiday picture with someone you care about.

2) Look for the positive side Come Read the Rest