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overweight and anorexic

Overweight and Anorexic – How it Happens, How to Help

A person can be both overweight and anorexic. A focus on weight alone is misleading as a signal to seek treatment, because a person’s near- or above-normal weight may mask life-threatening behavior based on anxiety around food. A person with disordered eating behavior may feel invalidated by comments like:

  • “You don’t look sick.”
  •  “Your BMI is in the normal range, so there’s nothing to worry about.”
  • “Wow, you look great! Have you lost weight?”

These words are meant to support. But they can be isolating and even devastating for men, women, girls, and boys who are struggling with anorexia.

A Person May be Underweight, Average, or Overweight and Anorexic

A misconception about anorexia is that it only has to do with a person’s weight.

By the time a person comes for therapy, they may have become underweight. But often, a person with anorexia may appear “normal weight.”  The person may look fine or even above normal. But for their specific body’s needs, they are starving themselves and are plagued with symptoms including hyper-control … Come Read the Rest