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Imperfect parent

How You Can Be Imperfect AND be a Great Parent

A huge challenge for parents is knowing how help when children make mistakes. A parent’s support, especially when things don’t go well, fosters the self-worth and self-compassion it takes to learn from what happened. I recently watched my brother coach his kids on riding new curved walls on their skateboards. There wereRead More

Parent-child love in the digital age

How to Save Your Parent-Child Connection from Technology

Touch, eye contact, and physical play feel good. They are the building blocks of parent-child connection. What’s more, they nurture our brains, hearts, and disease-fighting systems. They help us build secure relationships. Many parents see the value of helping children learn to use technology. They want to stay in touch,Read More

Stepfamily working together

Help for Step Parents: How to Navigate Two Big Hazards to Your Happiness

Nobody plans on becoming a stepparent. But it happens more often than you might think. About 1300 new stepfamilies form every day, reports the Census Bureau. More children are living in stepfamilies or other partnerships than ever before. Experts estimate that by the time they finish high school, more thanRead More