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How to Help Men Feel More Comfortable With More Emotions

Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives. “
– Researcher and author Brené Brown

Emotional connection and security in our important relationships is a core human need. Without this foundation, any person will struggle to have a sense of well-being, find harmony with others, and live a satisfying life.

People often seek therapy to develop the sound relationships and inner peace they want and need in life. But, while men make up almost 50% of the population, only one out of three people seeking therapy are male.

Why do so few men seek help? Is it possible that men simply don’t need therapy as much?

Challenging Attitudes About Men and Feelings

When asked why men might be reluctant to embrace therapy, one male friend answered: “It means failure. In our society, we’re supposed to take care of ourselves, and take care of other people. If we need help we’ve failed.”

Some men feel that the only socially acceptable emotion is anger. So, anger starts out being the … Come Read the Rest