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We Need To Do Better With Men and Emotions

While men make up almost 50% of the population, only one out of three people seeking therapy are male.  Has our culture has put some kind of wall between men and emotions?

It’s Time to Challenge Old Attitudes About Men and Emotions

Why do so few men seek help? Is it possible that men simply don’t need therapy as much?

Having Emotions – Especially Unwanted Ones – Is Not a Sign of Failure

When asked why men might be reluctant to embrace therapy, one male friend answered: “It means failure. In our society, we’re supposed to take care of ourselves, and take care of other people. If we need help we’ve failed.”

Some men feel that the only socially acceptable emotion is anger. So, anger starts out being only one allowed in the “men and emotions” mix. But as they go through life, anger suddenly starts causing problems in relationships at home or at work. Trouble with anger is one reason some men give for coming to therapy.

They are not sure what they can … Come Read the Rest