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what is purpose of marriage about

Is the Purpose of Marriage Your Safety and Wellbeing?

What is marriage all about, in terms of our wellbeing and survival? 3 experts share their findings about the purpose of marriage for security, safety and belonging.

Three experts best known for their research on love and healthy relationships are Dr. John Gottman, Dr. Sue Johnson, and Dr. Stan Tatkin. Here’s what each might say on the purpose of marriage:

Dr. John Gottman: Marriage is where partners learn to build a rich climate of friendship, love, respect, and meaning.

Dr. John Gottman once told a crowd: “For a relationship to feel right, it has to be a very rich climate of affection and humor and fun and intimacy and empathy.”

That doesn’t mean you should avoid talking about what’s not working.

Being happily married isn’t about denying problems.  That’s not even possible. 

It surprises many to learn, most issues married couples argue about aren’t solvable. Even in happy marriages about 2/3 (69%) of problems don’t go away. They keep showing up in one form or another.

But partners who stay happy make sure a sense … Come Read the Rest