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A favorite grounding technique at Mount Vernon Therapy

This Grounding Technique Can Help You Feel In Control of Your Life

When people come into my office, often they’re highly stressed. Some are even bouncing with anxiety because too many things feel out of their control. Grounding techniques help you shift energy so you can focus on what you can control.

They are upset with a situation at work or at home, or in the larger world. They feel powerless, helpless, and worried or scared.

Can you relate? Do you ever feel your mind racing? Does relationship stress or adversity have you worried? Want to have a better chance to solve a problem you feel stuck with?

Finding new answers to lingering problems often takes a shift in perspective. But when anyone’s mind is caught up in a lot of distress, it’s hard to see new ideas. That’s where grounding practices can really help.

Grounding techniques help re-set your senses to the present moment and calm the mind and body. As your brain and body start working together, you create a frame of mind that allow you to discover options you haven’t thought of yet.


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Grounding techniques for grounding yourself

How to Feel Grounded: 3 Tips to Feel More Calm and Alive

Wonder what being grounded means? A belief is “grounded in reality.” A fact is “grounded in science.” What is a grounded person?

Being grounded means you feel at home with yourself. You are present and at peace in your own skin.

In psychotherapy grounding techniques are “any techniques which are used to bring a person back in contact with the present moment” says Psychology Tools. That’s not a medical definition, but it’s a good place to start.

What Being Grounded Mentally Means

Being able to keep your awareness on the here-and-now is a powerful mental health skill. We all need to “keep our wits” to function. Being present to yourself allows you to calm yourself when you’re upset. You need to be present for friendship and intimacy.

When you’re immersed in nature — smelling the roses, touching the soft petals, hearing the wind in the leaves — you are grounded. Being grounded is the basis of self-control, self-expression, and feeling alive.

Life is so painful when you’re not grounded. Symptoms like feeling triggered, flooded, … Come Read the Rest