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Feel Happier, Safer & Better Understood: Couples Workshop

Here is how Mark and Elena used to spend time together:

Here are Mark and Elena now, enjoying a moment of emotional connection:

What’s the difference?

Mark and Elena noticed a distance that wasn’t there before. So they did something about it.

Ever feel like your relationship is a little off?

But you don’t know what to do?

Life happens. Kids, work, bills. You both get busy taking care of everything. But something shifts in the relationship.

Mark and Elena tried to address it:

Elena: “Hey, hon. How are things going?”
Mark: “Fine.”
Elena: “Fine? You’ve hardly said two words to me in weeks.”
Mark: “Well, I’m tired. Work is busy. I don’t really want to talk about it.”

How would you feel in this conversation?


You’re not alone.

Don’t Settle for Silence When You Need Acceptance

Many couples settle for quiet co-existence. But they’re longing for deeper connection. They just need a bridge — a roadmap.

That’s what the Hold Me Tight workshop is about. This is a 7-step process to reconnect. You … Come Read the Rest

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How to See and Express Needs In Your Relationship

When love is new, needing each other feels great. Being with someone who’s fun, sexy, kind and upbeat feels terrific. Wanting love and friendship like this is natural and human.

Sharing your fun side is easy. But learning to see and express needs in a relationship triggers many of the biggest challenges for couples.

Needing each other is more than okay. It’s necessary to welcome each other’s needs to be seen, accepted and loved. Much of a couple’s happiness depends on it.

Let’s fast forward into a relationship that started strong and then hits a bump. One partner has had a terrible day, comes home, flops down on the couch and launches a phone app.

The other partner soon enters with a cheery “Hello!”

The gloomy one barely grunts.

The cheerful one is surprised. Disappointed. Not sure how to react.

They don’t make eye contact. And there’s total silence.

Neither person knows what to say. So nobody says anything.

How does this relationship story go from here? It depends on how the couple goes about … Come Read the Rest