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A Science-Based Secret to Resolving Differences with Your Partner

He works long hours; she wants him home for dinner as a family. He likes their place tidy; she forgets to put things away. She wants to hear what he’s thinking; he’s mum. Couples can fight about almost anything. What matters to their overall happiness is how they learn toRead More

Listening is sometimes the best thing to do

My Wife Said She Wants a Divorce – How Can I Change Her Mind?

My wife wants a divorce. Help – what do I do? One afternoon she suddenly sat across from me, straightened up and said, “I need to tell you something. This isn’t working for me – the way things have been. I’m giving up trying to make it better, and IRead More

Road Maps for Harmony and Loving Relationships – Tools from the Experts

Why do our best efforts to talk to each other seem to backfire sometimes? One reason is human nature – our brains are quick to judge to explain what we see (“My partner is stubborn”) rather than discuss to discover underlying needs (“Why does my partner say that?”). Discussion isRead More

Healing from infidelity

Is My Spouse Cheating? How to Face and Heal From Infidelity

Discovering a partner’s betrayal is a trust-shattering experience that can bring you to the lowest point in your life. Whether it’s lipstick on the collar, or messages you find on your partner’s phone, the shock of learning your partner is involved with someone else will trigger overwhelming feelings. When youRead More

lonely in relationship - what to do

Unhappy Marriage: Sad and Lonely Relationships Happen – What to Do?

What could be better than spending your life with your best friend? You always have someone you can count on, someone to talk to and a support through life’s ups and downs. But even in marriage, loneliness happens. It can come as a terrible surprise. Even vows do not preventRead More

busy couple relationship help

How to Keep Love Strong When You’re Both Busy

It’s almost five-o’clock and you’re at work. You want to call it a day, so you reach over to shut down your computer. But your hand hesitates as you look around for one more extra thing to check on.  There’s nothing urgent – you realize with a sobering feeling thatRead More

Why Are the First Years of Marriage so Hard? 5 Tips for a Strong Love

The love at the core of any marriage needs frequent renewal to be sturdy. It is a continual work-in-progress. And with the divorce rate over 50%, newly married couples may worry whether they have what it takes to make it through the first rough patches, and build a happy relationshipRead More

Protecting Your Relationship From Damaging Distractions

You were so in love when you began. You felt confidence in your commitment. It is hard to imagine that anything could intrude and cause trouble in your marriage or relationship. Every relationship has an ebb and flow of attention between couples. Time spent with friends or outside activities provideRead More

How to talk with your partner when you're upset

How To Talk With Your Partner When You’re Upset: Do’s and Don’ts When You’re Mad At Your Mate

“I know you don’t do things just to make me mad. But what you’ve done really bothers me. Can we talk about this and understand what happened, so we can get back to being happy together again?” How often do we talk to each other like this? Not often enough.Read More

Avoiding the Path to Marriage Trouble, Separation and Divorce

Understand the Path to Serious Trouble In Your Relationship, and What To Do About It: Couples Counseling Tips from Kris Rosenthal, LPC. What is it that leads a partnership or marriage down the path to separation or divorce?  Leading researchers and insights from couples counseling point to similar patterns. Findings from happy relationshipsRead More