how to tell if your child needs counseling

Signs Your Child Needs Counseling and What to Do

Doing your best as a parent isn’t easy. The baby you love can wear you down after crying longer than expected. Your toddler’s behavior can make you laugh one minute and shout the next. Your teenager’s outbursts, silence or misjudgments can trigger anger and embarrassment that are hard to dealRead More

delayed gratification

Why Delay Gratification?

Instant gratification has become a big part of our daily lives.  Why delay gratification? To have something we saw yesterday arrive at our door today makes us happy.  We love to stream our favorite shows on demand. If we want to hear from someone, we can email, text or messageRead More

social media influence on teens

How Does Social Media Affect Teenagers? A Parent’s Guide To Influencers

Teenage years are an important time for teens to form new relationships. Some of these relationships include social media influencers. Teens want to fit in and feel accepted among friends. Influencers are often part of this fitting in process. Yet teenage children still want their parents’ support and love. CaringRead More

EMDR treat trauma reconnect self

How EMDR Helps Resolve Stress in 8 Steps

Many of us deal with tremendous stress every day. Too much stress can damage our sense of wellbeing. We may struggle with a relationship, a job, an illness, or powerlessness about violence and problems in the news. But if we feel too overwhelmed our mental health can suffer.   StressRead More

Learn about EMDR

11 Common Questions about Healing Trauma with EMDR

You can probably think of a time when you were truly terrified. If you can recall it calmly now that’s a good sign you’ve healed from the experience. You feel secure, knowing the bad experience is in the past. Ideally, our brain and body work together to restore calm afterRead More