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Secure Attachment is a safety cue

How Secure Attachment Makes Relationships Work Better

Have you ever looked at a loved one’s photo and felt happy? After sharing a problem with someone who understands, did a wave of peace and calm wash over you?

You might enjoy such feelings because of a special emotional bond called secure attachment.

“A secure bond is…. a vital safety cue for your nervous system – one that colors the world as manageable – and basically safe enough to explore and enjoy,” says researcher Dr. Sue Johnson:

“Such a bond is also where we trust that a person will respond to us emotionally…. This does not mean that they will always be able to protect us or solve our problems. It means that we will not face these problems alone.”

We Are Born With the Need for Secure Love

secure attachment is an inborn needIt’s natural to want a lasting emotional connection with another person. We have an inborn need for secure attachment. It’s vital to our sense of safety and wellbeing.

We start looking for someone to turn to from birth. One of the first things … Come Read the Rest